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Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5
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Being a male, I do not have the ability to speak freely about this product.  However, I do feel that this product is necessary for a healthy body (in those that have mammary tissue), so I will copy what Plexus has on their website.  Please also note that I could not find this on their public facing site.  I had to sign into the site in order to see it. 

"A Plexus Breast Chek Kit consists of two micro-thin layers of polyurethane with a non-toxic lubricant sealed in between. When the breast chek is placed on the breast, the bottom layer gently adheres to the skin and remains stable allowing the upper layer to slide freely underneath your fingertips. As the upper layer slides freely over the bottom layer, friction is greatly reduced. This results in what is called 'sensory touch magnification.' Or, in other words, your sense of touch is greatly improved, thereby improving the effectiveness of all breast self exams you do as part of your breast health program.Plexus Breast Chek Kit"

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