What if Plexus Could Help?

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5
Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5

What are my options?

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5

It comes down to two questions:

1. Do you just want to buy the products?

2. Do you want to get wholesale prices on products, make money and have the ability to help others become healthier?

If you prefer the first option, then you can sign up as customer. There is a Retail Customer option.  This is for those who just want to buy once.  The second option is to become a Preferred Customer.  As a Preferred Customer, you enjoy a discount as well as have the advantage of enjoying frequent buyer programs and promotions.

The second option is great for individuals who enjoy the Plexus products and will take them long term.  It is also great for the individuals who wish to make some extra income.  This multilevel business model is not as demanding as others.  Especially if you take the products anyways!  To be an ambassador it is about $35 a year and they require you to get 110 points in sales (from your purchases or your customers) each month.  The $35 a year is nothing compared to discounts you get from purchasing your products at wholesale.  If you have friends and family that wish to buy from you, or become an ambassador under you, then you don't need to purchase a thing.  In fact, Plexus will send YOU money.

Either option is fantastic (though I am biased towards being an ambassador), so make the appropriate choice for YOU.  Even if that choice is to just think about it. 

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