What if Plexus Could Help?

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5
Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5
10% of this ambassador's profits will go to breastcancer.org (monthly) 


Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim ProBio5

My Pledge to You

For over a year I hesitated to sell Plexus products.  The reasons for my hesitation were: I disliked the pushy social media marketing; I disliked pushing products on people that I meet/know in real life; and I didn't want to get sucked into a pyramid scheme.

Now here I am, Marshall Littrell, an ambassador for Plexus.  I pledge that I will NOT flood email boxes or social media with advertisements and other marketing gimics.  I pledge to give my 100% honest opinion about a product.  If I don't like it, I'll tell you.  I pledge to not harass and push products unwanted on individuals (hence the website).   I also pledge that 10% of MY gross profits (received by Plexus) will be donated to BreastCancer.org. 

As for the worry about the multi-level business model (aka Pyramid Scheme)... Here are the positives I saw that helped me:

1. The yearly fee to be an ambassador is roughly $35.

2. As an ambassador you are required to get 110 points worth of sales.  It depends on the products, but it comes out to about $130 worth of products sold.  This is not a problem for me because I use the ProBio5, Slim, BLOCK, Edge and MegaX regularly.  For the products that I use myself, the quota is hit.  However, if you get 3+ ambassadors under you then your quota is met without having to spend money (I need to research this some more, but this is what my mentor has said)

3. You get your products at wholesale price.  The amount saved on products far surpasses the $35 yearly fee. 

4. I personally know ambassadors for Plexus and they receive $500-$2500 a MONTH based on their sales and ambassador tree.  I feel that these are realistic expectations.  However, friends of friends say that their upline (the ambassador above them, aka Mentor) is making $25000 a month. 

How about the negatives?  I haven't discovered any that relates to my individual situation.  However, here are some scenarios that I can think of:

1. You don't take the products yourself and no one wants to buy them from you (or sell them as an ambassador on your team).  You will have to still spend the money to make up the points. 

2. You take the products but don't see any results? There is something everyone needs to understand...there is no magic pill that you can take and be fit, trim and 100% healthy.  There is not a "regiment" that will work for every individual.  A proper diet and exercise cannot be replaced by pills!  These all natural products are meant to enhance  your diet and exercise routine.  Not replace it.  There is a 60 day money back guarantee.  Personally, my rule of thumb is to try the product for three months, but by all means make your judgment at two so you can get your money back. 

3. You get to the emerald ambassador level but don't like Lexus models.  Wait.  What does that have to do with anything?  When you reach a certain ambassador level, Plexus will PAY for you to lease a Lexus!